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4. 3D Masking Boots:  Masking is an absolute critical step in the conformal coating process.  Using the latest in additive processing, we are able to create masking boots out of conductive ABS material.  This allows for and ESD safe protective boot within minutes.    

    6. Hand Spray Coating Booth:  Our hand spray options allow flexibility for smaller coating jobs that may relate to prototypes and "quick turn" requirements. 

      2. SMD 400 Omega Meter:  Verifies proper cleanliness of CCA surfaces prior to the application of conformal coatings or potting compounds.  Heated test solution for improved solubility of contaminants per IPC-TM-650. 

        1. Aqueous Technologies Q400 Batch Cleaner with DI / Water Recycler: Circuit Card cleanliness is a critical factor for the conformal coating process.  We provide our customers with cleaning options that are compatible with all CCA assembly process.  In most cases our wash process is used for the removal of residual contamination (hand oils, dust, etc) that may occurred after post production cleaning processes.  .

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            7. Cure Oven:  Our high capacity temperature controlled ovens are critical in matching our progressive methods of production.   

              5. Asymtek Select Coat Automated Spray Machine: Our automated coating process provides very efficient processing that produce high quality coating applications. Our equipment and processes are monitored through SPC methods that allow for consistent and repeatable processing. 

                3. Despatch Bake Oven:  A dry clean board is essential for proper coating adhesion.  Our cleaning process requires a "Bake Out" process to remove any unwanted moisture after wash and before coating is applied.